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Interview Tips

When you are successful in being short listed for a potential role, FGT will discuss with you how to make a powerful impact at your one-on-one meeting with the prospective employer – whether it’s over the phone or face to face.

With over 100 years of recruitment experience, you can be assured FGT consultants will provide pre-interview coaching that will truly optimise your interview. The tailored coaching will seek to teach you how to reinforce the outstanding impact you made with your resume.

The following tips will help you be your best on the day –

Research, research, research

While FGT will provide you with a detailed background on your prospective employer and the role you are applying for, it is strongly recommended that you do your own homework. This means at a minimum visiting their website and ‘googling’ the Company and its competitors. Be also aware of any major changes in the industry, such as legislation, and understand the business impact.

Being on the front foot with this information will only work to your advantage.

Re-read your resume

Before setting foot inside your prospective employer’s office for your interview, familiarise yourself one last time with your own resume. You will be surprised what you don’t recall under pressure even if it is about yourself.

Prepare and polish

Preparation is key to a successful interview. List all the questions you expect to be asked and prepare the ‘right answers’. Practice with your FGT consultant to ensure your responses are finessed.

It is also important to note that in the event you are asked a difficult question and cannot answer it sufficiently, it is better not to – and have this type of response prepared too – than provide an unacceptable response without thinking.

Also have ready a list of questions you want to ask your prospective employer that will demonstrate a sound understanding of their business and operating environment.

Dress to impress and arrive before time

To be on the safe side, dress conservatively. If you are unsure about a certain outfit, don’t wear it. Go with the conventional suit and have one less thing to worry or stress about during the interview.

It is also recommended that you arrive for your interview at least fifteen minutes early. Give yourself a moment to do those last minute preparations so that you are calm, in control and confident.

Your body language

Here are some handy hints to look motivated, interested and eager –

  • Shake hands firmly
  • Look the interviewer in the eyes
  • When being interviewed by a panel, ensure eye contact with everyone
  • Smile, when fitting
  • Have a strong posture to help exude confidence
  • Don’t fidget or have your arms crossed

Follow up

The most important tip of all is let us help you. With 100 years recruitment experience at your disposal, FGT consultants will provide you with post interview counselling and determine the best follow up approach.