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Contracting with FGT

At FGT, we know what inspires and motivates contractors.

Lifestyle, money, a fast-paced environment, flexibility and diversity are just a handful of the reasons why IT and technical professionals chose to contract. At FGT, we deliver on theses expectations.

Contractors partner with FGT because the projects and client briefs we present are wide and varied. The extensive scope of projects and expert counselling means we are able fulfill the contractor’s needs and ambitions.

The way in which we work with contractors is no different to how we deal with candidates and conduct business with clients – transparently and efficiently. Our work philosophy follows and adopts some simple rules and processes. Our commitment is to:

  • Present you with a range – not just one – of suitable contracting options
  • Negotiate rates on your behalf – you can trust our judgment and market knowledge to always determine an advantageous positioning that achieves, at a minimum, a competitive market rate
  • Respond to all enquires within a maximum of 24 hours, including out of hours in case of emergency
  • Provide a detailed and historic overview of client, including values system and culture
  • Ensure prompt payment which is in accordance to the agreed schedule
  • Provide conflict resolution support
  • Be consistently pro-active in the search for future assignments
  • To promote team spirit by arranging social days and opportunities to network with the FGT Contractor network and business associates

FGT represents, arguably, as part of our contractor talent pool, some of Australia’s finest IT and technical minds.

For more information regarding contracting with FGT, please contact us on +61 2 8264 6801 or +61 2 9290 1000. Please submit your resume in Word format to –

To download  a PDF copy of the FGT timesheet, please click on the link “TIMESHEET DOWNLOADS”  on our Home Page.