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Our Processes & Methodology

At FGT, we believe that the selection of high quality candidates is not merely about skill match, but more about the values, beliefs and career aspiration that the particular individual demonstrates. We believe that outstanding candidates are those that want “to make a difference” in all that they do – both personally and professionally.

The sourcing of candidates is highly specialised dependent upon the role and whether the opportunity is contract or permanent. All FGT consultants have extensive recruitment experience and therefore understand and utilise mechanisms for sourcing other than just advertising.

FGT has a range of sourcing and selection processes that can be applied to each recruitment exercise.

This flexibility in methodological approach allows FGT to ensure that only the most appropriate candidates proceed to shortlist.

Our selection process covers as a minimum:

  • Competency based pre-screen. Candidates that are sourced from our database will be pre-screened for each role they are contacted for. Each pre-screen tailored to the specific role, is weighted against competency-based benchmarks and candidates are then invited in for interview to further determine appropriateness for the role.
  • Preferential and behavioural interview. Each candidate is assessed based on the skills and competencies required for the role, as well as the competencies identified that fit the client brief.
  • Checking of all qualifications, visas etc
  • Personality or psychometric profiling
  • Assessment of cultural fit
  • Conducting a minimum of two reference checks

We believe strongly in being honest and up front with candidates, especially those who are screened out of the process. We believe that our process ensures an objective selection of candidates based on the job brief. This approach serves to benefit both the prospective employer and job seeker.